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Complimentary Skill Sessions

At Sherfield Oaks we offer something unique for members, partner cardholders and juniors.

Our complimentary skill sessions with the professionals give you the chance to learn about different aspects of the game, improve your skills and socialise with other golfers. They’re also the ideal platform for someone to try the game and see if it’s for them without making any long term commitments.

  • 11/05/22 - Playing Lesson

    Wednesday 11th May with Adam Glass

    11am – 12pm

    Playing Lesson

    To Book – Email: [email protected]

  • 11/05/22 - Swing

    Wednesday 11th May with Dan Kean

    6 – 7pm


    To Book – Email: [email protected] or Phone: 07826718810

  • 16/05/22 - Playing Lesson

    Monday 16th May with Adam Glass

    11am – 12pm

    Playing Lesson

    To Book – Email: [email protected]

  • 18/05/22 - Drivers

    Wednesday 18th May with Dan Kean

    6 – 7pm


    To Book – Email: [email protected] or Phone: 07826718810

  • 23/05/22 - Playing Lesson

    Wednesday 23rd May with Adam Glass

    11am – 12pm

    Playing Lesson

    To Book – Email: [email protected]

  • 25/05/22 - Putting

Private Lessons

Get all the attention you need with a ‘1-2-1’ private lesson and find out how you can immediately get better.

Our PGA professionals work closely with to set some goals and make the changes you need to reach them.

Adam Glass

“I have been playing golf for the past 30 years, initially enjoying success as an amateur, playing in the company of some of the best golfers in GB&I and Europe. I was able to see at first hand what was required to play at the highest level. 

“As my ability improved, I eventually achieved multiple county wins and a handicap of +2 before turning professional. Although I still love to play as much as I can, my work as a PGA Professional means I have spent most of the last 10 years dedicating my time to helping others achieve their goals. 

“During this time I have continued to try to spend time with some of the most prominent teachers and influencers in the game. I aim to continue my research and development, so that I can continue to provide the highest level of swing and short game instruction by using effective and proven coaching practices.

“To provide some insight into what has helped shape my coaching philosophy, I encourage students to look at what the best golfers do. All have certain fundamentals that are preferable; some that are merely aesthetically pleasing, and some that are absolutely essential. 

“I see too many people focus too much on the preferences or the aesthetics. I hope that with my help I can show you that what is essential and fundamental to every great player is landing the club on the ground in the same place every time (low point control). Having enough power and speed to play at the level expected and matching the clubface to the path in order to control direction. We then use the preferences such as grip and body alignments to assist with the essentials that are non-negotiable.

“I look forward to helping you achieve your golfing ambitions and will leave no stone unturned in providing the knowledge needed to do so. In the meantime please feel free to reach out to say hello.”

Barney Wytchard

Barney Wytchard, PGA Professional, in action

“I am extremely excited to be joining the team at Sherfield and I cannot wait to meet all of you in the coming weeks and months. Having worked in golf from the age of 16 I have experienced golf from every single side of the industry working as a Greenkeeper, Food and Beverage Assistant, Golf Manager and Teaching Professional, my passion for golf has left me with a driving desire to understand my industry as much as I possibly can. I Qualified as a PGA professional in 2019 I have been fortunate enough to spend my training with some fantastic coaches and I have also added qualifications such as Leadbetter Kids Certified Instructor, and TPI (Titliest Perfromance Institue) Certified Instructor since qualifying from the PGA. I will continue to add to my knowledge base as I strive to provide the best service I can with my tuition “Those who teach must never cease to learn!”.

Having coached people of all ages and abilities I understand that everyone plays golf with different objectives in what they want to achieve however the most integral part is that they want to enjoy their golf and ultimately if we play well, we enjoy it more. My ambition as a coach is to improve your golfing ability to improve your golfing experience.

As well as Individual Tuition I will be heading up the Junior Academy which my focus will be to provide as many as I can with a platform to experience the game we love so dearly and provide them a pathway into the sport.  The academy will be a Leadbetter Kids Academy as the program is unrivalled with its focus on the holistic development and keeping kids in the game for life. The Program will begin in 2021 and more information about the dates for this will be announced soon!

If you see me around the golf club please do come and say hello, and if you want more information with regards to anything please feel free to contact me: [email protected].

Dan Keen

Has PGA Qualified since 2014 and is an ex-playing professional who loves the game and believes anyone can play, learn and enjoy golf. With worldwide experience and knowledge of living in Australia and America which has helped give his clients the best-golfing experience I can. Working with some of the biggest names in golf his knowledge of the swing and ability to adapt to all needs will give everyone the tools to improve and reach their goals.

You can book your lesson here.